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Lease Rent Discounting

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Lease Rental Discounting: Overview

Lease Rental Discounting is a term loan that is offered against rental receipts and is availed by tenants against leased contracts. This advance provided to the lessee is based on the discounted market price of rentals and the underlying value of the property. You can go for LRD, in case you own a property that renders you fixed rentals. If you own a property, you are liable to earn fixed rentals from the same at regular intervals. With Lease Rental Discounting through Loan Against Property, you can now get a loan on the discounted value of rentals and the underlying property value.

Lease Rental Discounting : Features and Benefits

Now that you know what is lease rental discounting check out its features and benefits

  • Loan Amount
  • LRD meaning Lease Rental Discounts offer convenient access to considerable funding of Rs.10 Crore to Rs.50 Crore.

  • Approved Loan Tenure
  • Individuals can avail such advances for a maximum tenure of 11 years subject to the remaining lease period of the property in question.

  • Flexi Loan Facility
  • Lease Rental Discounting offers individuals with the Flexi Loan facility under which you pay interest only on the funds utilised from the total sanctioned loan amount.

  • Foreclosure Or Part-prepayment Facility
  • Low to no charges on the part-prepayment and foreclosure services that makes the advance more affordable.

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