At FirstLease we would like to reach out to you and inquire about your well-being. Hope you, your family, and your teams are doing well and all are safe and healthy. As you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic's recent second wave has had far-reaching global ramifications, including in India, with an impact on all. Being a socially responsible company, we are following the guidelines & directives of Govt. of India and have been constantly working to maintain the highest standards of safety and taking all necessary precautions and measures to fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. FirstLease is committed to acting quickly to address business challenges and risks, and for any query or support, we are available on call/ Whatsapp and email. We Pray to Almighty that we all emerge out of this current situation strongly soon and with good health. We remain as always committed to our employees and the people and communities we serve and thank you for being our valued customer.

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Gurgaon covid Helpline 96432 77788 Gurgaon Medicine Availability
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