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HDFC Ltd and HDFC Bank are Merging

Published 2022-04-28 09:19:54 by Admin

HDFC bank is a household name with 28 years of the illustrious history of creating benchmarks and redefining services in the Banking sector.


Firstly, let us go back in history to exactly know the relationship between Read more

Evolution Of Warehouse

Published 2022-04-01 06:01:39 by Admin

Warehouses have a history that goes far back than what most of us assume. 

The origin of warehouses can be traced back in history from the time when early people used to create granaries to store their grains. With time, people started creating storage for storing their goods and t...

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Want to know The Right Time to Lease Your Property?

Published 2022-03-09 06:28:15 by Admin

It is a universal fact that we (humans) want to start a new beginning at the start of a New Year. We have a belief that the new year brings a spark of life-changing opportunities to many of us.


Opportunities are always knocking at our doors, so why do we have to wait fo...

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Back to Where We Left

Published 2022-02-18 06:09:04 by Admin

It’s been 2 years of working from our respective abode. And now it's finally “the time to get back to the office.

As per Times Now reports, several IT companies have started the procedure of calling...

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Published 2022-02-14 07:36:01 by Admin

Earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic had turned the world of work upside down. The way people used to work has changed drastically. Everything that ever existed has evolved right from the way we live, food habits, the education system, and the world of work. The impact of this global virus pandemic is...

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Highlights on Union Budget 2022-23

Published 2022-02-04 06:20:47 by Admin

The union budget 2022-23 which was presented by Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman on 1st February 2022 focused on the enhancement of various sectors to bring growth to the country’s economy and long-term development of the country.

The main thrust was laid on Infrastruc...

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