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Bigger and smarter office spaces as business grows

Bigger and smarter office spaces as business grows

Law firms have started adopting bigger and smarter office spaces as the business is growing at a rapid rate.

Mumbai-based Abhijit Joshi, the Managing Partner of Veritas Legal, doubled his office space capacity in the Fort Area to almost 11,000 sq ft. 

According to a report, He said, “Office spaces will need to be reimagined to create experiences as lawyers start spending more time in the office.”

It is also in talks that Zulfiquar Memon, managing partner of law firm MZM Legal, is doubling his office space too. He said, “We are constantly working with our counterparts in the US, the Uk, and other parts of the world, which means people will be staying at the office beyond usual working hours, and for that, we need to create a good environment and facilities, and that requires more space.”  He further added, “With the leasing of 40,000 sq. ft of office space in Saket, Our Delhi will now undergo an upgrade. Collectively these upgrades will result in our office spaces growing by nearly 70% since 2019.”

A pretty good number of law firms are relocating and expanding their office spaces as the demand for legal services is increasing. 

According to a report, Shweta Sawhney, Managing Director of Savills India said, “Most law firms have seen expansion and portfolio up-gradation happen to better buildings with Grade A amenities.  The focus on employee well-being is leading to an increase in absorption in premium locations that have Grade A offices and unique amenities within the project and the vicinity.”

Also, some property consultants and law firms stated, “The firms are interested in buildings that offer better connectivity, multifunctional spaces, a collaborative environment, good recreational facilities, and areas that have open spaces.” 

The main focus of law firms today is to add more functional spaces so that the lawyers will return back to the office on regular basis rather than only a few days a week and more focus will be laid on the work.

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By Admin , 2022-07-29 12:43:22

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