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Biophilic Designs- Bridge between Nature and Workplace

Biophilic Designs- Bridge between Nature and Workplace

When asked where do you feel most Alive, Happy, and Relaxed? The obvious answer will be in Nature’s lap.

The answer may come in variations such as in hills, by the riverside, under the stars, beneath the shade of trees, in the garden, looking at a beautiful landscape, and many more. Whatever it is, there’s always nature involved. 

We all have a genetic connection with nature, after all, she is our beloved “MOTHER NATURE.” And who doesn’t want to be around her 24x7? We all do. 

“We have always witnessed Positive Experiences in Nature.”


Urbanization somewhere has snatched the connection one holds with nature. At present everyone is so engrossed in their work life, they hardly spend time in nature’s lap. Our ancestors have always stayed close to nature and have led a calmer life in comparison to today’s generation. 

Biophilic design has emerged as a crucial element that has the ability to bridge the gap between nature and people in workplaces. 

First of all let us learn what biophilic designs are, their benefits, and how it has become a bridge between nature and people in workplaces.


Starting off with what Biophilic designs actually are- Biophilic design is a concept aimed at improving human connection with nature by infusing natural or living elements into built environments (places where we live or work). 

These are some of the benefits of Biophilic Designs at Workplaces:-


1. Reduces Stress- At present, stress rates have skyrocketed especially among people who are working. Plants at workplaces soothe stress and can be the perfect stress buster for any employee. Biophilic designs can be achieved at all budgets.


2. Enhances Creativity- Nature is the great visible engine of creativity and human creativity emerges out of that,” said scientist Terance McKenna. Spending time in nature improves innovative and creative thinking. “One is at his best in nature’s lap.”


3. Boost Productivity- Dull and boring desks/cubicles can take a toll on workers’ performance/productivity. “Just install small potted herbs on your desk and see the difference it makes.”


4. Therapeutic- Everyone will undeniably agree with the fact that “Nature is the Best Therapy” as it enhances the clarity of thoughts, improves our well-being, and expedites healing. 

In the process/journey of connecting with nature at workplaces, Lack of space may be the drawback but remember, “There are multiple ways to mimic nature which can still deliver the same vibes as the real things.”


It includes- Nature inspired Graphics & Wallpapers, Digital screens, Carpets, Stone or wood floors, and many more. 


At FirstLease, we believe in implementing sustainable and biophilic designs along with the beautiful office spaces we deliver. 



DIVYA BHATTARAI, Content Writer at FirstLease


By Admin , 2022-11-08 08:06:41

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