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Divya Bhattarai

Content Head and Video Creator, FirstLease



Earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic had turned the world of work upside down. The way people used to work has changed drastically. Everything that ever existed has evolved right from the way we live, food habits, the education system, and the world of work. The impact of this global virus pandemic is beyond description. The world has undergone a lot and seen a lot. 


At the onset of the Pandemic, we have witnessed changes in employment and working hours. Many people were left unemployed while some companies terminated their employees because of loss in the business. Many workers suffered job losses and many were actively in search of new jobs. Moreover, many workers had to reduce their working hours as a result of the pandemic. A decrease in the total working hours directly offered a negative impact on the market. There were huge impacts on hotels, airlines, recreational industries. 

Such dramatic ups and downs have immense effects on the global economy and existing markets.


Health organizations are trying their best to keep the spread of the virus at bay. Half of the world’s population has received the vaccination. As a result of which the rapid spread of COVID-19 cases declined.

During the first and second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies came up with solutions keeping in mind the adverse effects of the pandemic, the offices remained shut per government guidelines while the work continued……..


Work from home

Everything has pros and cons, and so does work from home. 

Working from home may be a lot more comfortable and can save one a lot of time and money since one doesn't have to commute. But working from home could bring the following drawbacks. There will be a lack of interactions with professionals and colleagues. Distraction is the main factor that affects tasks while working from home. One will not be able to concentrate with all the commotion coming from every direction. There will also be a lack of an office-like environment.


Work from office

Work from the office has always been productive and benefitted the culture of the company. There is a healthy work balance within the organization. All the required amenities will readily be available in the office and most importantly, there is face-to-face interaction among colleagues. Own office is built around the ethos unique to every organization, which is essential to cultivate the best practices and values in every employee and vendors


Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has lifted COVID measures like wearing masks, withdrawing work from home, end of covid passports for entry into nightclubs and large events. All these decisions were made by the Prime Minister and the Government after seeing a fall in hospital admissions and death rates. The prime minister further added, “the virus and its variants cannot be eradicated-instead we must learn to live with COVID in the same way we live with flu.” Yet the authorities have urged people to “remain cautious” while people who have tested positive for COVID-19 are advised to self-isolate.

Lately, the national Capital has witnessed fewer COVID-19 cases thereby the Delhi government has recommended easing certain restrictions. The first starts with lifting the weekend curfew followed by the removal of the odd-even system applicable to shops in markets and malls. And also allowing private offices to function the way they did like before.

Most of the firms have continued their work from offices as the situation has improved. Things are back to normal and are operating the way everything was before the Pandemic. People no longer have to work from home and can continue to go to offices. 

Many Scientists have been making the point that COVID-19 is moving rapidly from a “Pandemic” to “Endemic” and is comparable to the common cold and normal flu. We badly need to allow the general public, particularly those in the world of work, to get back to normal work life.


Coworking can be the absolute solution

During times like this, coworking can be one’s solution to work in an office-like environment. 

Coworking stands as a solution, providing people with preferable workplaces.

FirstLease is India’s leading space leasing company that deals in office, retail, warehouse and provides coworking solutions.  

Coworking is best suitable for-

  • Remote workers or distant workers: remote workers who usually work from home or coffee shop can rely on coworking office spaces. It will help them to fully concentrate on their work.
  • Travelers: for people who don't stay at one particular place. You don’t need to worry about taking a whole office with you. All you need is to visit the nearest coworking office space, get a day pass issued and enjoy an office-like environment with all the required amenities.
  • Students & Freelancers: coworking space is a boon to freelancers and students. It allows them to finish the assigned work in a continuous-time span. Moreover, it facilitates one with all the advanced resources which will not be readily available at home or in coffee shops.

Many people consider coworking will be the next new normal. The utilization of co-working is imminent for growth and brand differentiation. Over the past years, the demand for coworking office spaces has increased and we (FirstLease) expect and believe this trend will continue to offer more value to budding entrepreneurs as well as to established entrepreneurs.

                                                  -Divya Bhattarai

                                                         Executive Content writer at FirstLease